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Generalized writing prompts list. Prompts listed in no particular order.

(Earlier in my journal are my thoughts on writing prompts and my explanation of how I come up with mine)

1) All my life...
2) For this, I would give everything.
3) It brings back memories.
4) The only safe place.
5) You'll feel better if you swallow this.
6) This is who I am.
7) He/She knew my order.
8) Flooded with warmth
9) It meant something more.
10) I was awake the whole time.
11) It grounded me.
12) It comes with clarity.
13) What was left behind.
14) This is my theory.
15) It gave me pause.
16) No closure
17) This will make all the difference.
18) Just a fragment
19) Suddenly I see
20) Inside this bag
21) A beautiful illusion
22) I'm still running
23) Discovering the subtext
24) Too quickly it was over
25) Everything I had
26) It was a long time coming.
27) My captive audience
28) Because I was bored
29) No excuses now
30) The worst kind of truth
31) Keeping their secret
32) Choked
33) Sending a message
34) My reality
35) No apologies
36) I want to do right by you.
37) It was there in your eyes
38) Never saw it coming
39) I'm so much more than this.
40) I still believe.
41) How could I have known?
42) Clearing the air
43) One more time
44) I changed my mind.
45) Anything to feel.
46) So many people.
47) Not addicted
48) Against the wall
49) Too much for tears
50) Biting my tongue
51) Here I am.
52) It was just a touch.
53) Some things never end.
54) Like being born.
55) Small cruelties
56) Hidden keepsake
57) I'm still holding on
58) So transparent
59) bruising desperation, a gentle act
60) This is personal.
61) Angel
62) It left a stain.
63) It all fell into place.
64) Unstoppable
65) A wicked charm
66) Even in the darkness
67) Not so easy
68) So I lied
69) Slipped through my fingers
70) Impossible kindness
71) Behind that door/Behind those doors
72) For luck
73) Don't tell me
74) The perfect kill
75) Wide open
76) Just a dream/This is no dream
77) So much stronger
78) What they don't know
79) I never told him/her
80) The words came easy
81) Made of steel
82) It's not what you think.
83) I don't recognize myself.
84) A heart around our names.
85) Refusing to believe.
86) Stay
87) Marked 'fragile'
88) Guilty pleasures
89) Eyes on the prize
90) Going nowhere
91) Live through this
92) I don't even care.
93) This is only the beginning.
94) The sickest thing.
95) Every time I close my eyes
96) He is beautiful.
97) Armed and trembling
98) Never alone
99) I'm not afraid.
100) It's too 'busy'
101) Self-assured
102) What's really inside
103) Always smiling
104) Hurt the ones you love.
105) What I carry.
106) Fever dream
107) The ghost in my mind
108) The downward spiral
109) A reason to go on
110) Nothing came out.

Hope those were helpful! Let me know, fellow readers and writers, what you think. :D


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