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Birthdate:Mar 16, 1986
Location:United States of America
~A bullet train leaves the station between your mind and the relevant data required to access the harddrive that was de-fragmented for the purpose of filling with absolute truths. Doing seal tricks to earn a ticket. Living on a prayer, and I must have been on board, for I am halfway there.~

Fandom was created because the compassion and/or endurance of the author is never exhaustive. But the collective collaborations of the masses, striving together with united dreams, work to fill libraries for the palaces of our minds.

*All fanworks will be posted in this journal and may later find their way into such archives as AO3.*

PERSONAL: Western Zodiac sign - Pisces; Chinese Zodiac sign - Tiger
Studying - Psychology.
Occupation - Writer; for pleasure, income, and seeking to better the human condition.
Other interests - Bodybuilding, gymnastics, rock-climbing, martial arts, music, fandom.

PREFERRED FANDOM-TYPE ANALYSIS: Man-Slash is alluring and complex, and a satisfactory outlet--either the reading of it, the writing of, or both--sufficiently generates the release of endorphins for those with such inclinations. Particularly of interest are the pairings of duality in which conflict that arises serves mysteriously to bond and attract the two individuals within the story.

Friendships wrought with tension, such as Sherlock and John, or unmitigated enemies such as the Dark Knight and his grinning arch-nemesis, the Joker, have a way of challenging and not merely exciting the imagination, which leads to more fulfilling indulgence. For love and hate never fully separate, and human instincts have always urged that lines are meant to be crossed.

Through long periods of indulging such fixations, the condition of addiction emerges and is, in the cases of certain individuals, engrained unshakably through a combination of repressed memories, and morbid fascinations; the urge to solve the question of the inner workings of one's own subconscious and its process of construction.

The journey of feeding such cravings while reflecting on their meaning is compelling and becomes the signature of an ill-adjusted mind that strives for betterment.

For morality and meaning do exist in tandem, we innately understand, and we all sense and strive in our own ways to comprehend the one supreme truth.

However we reflect on these needs though, whatever conclusions we may reach... We down here, with our addictions, we know what it is to crave all these things that will never save, but only induce further yearning. And the seeking, and the indulging--it heightens the pleasure, and holds us transfixed. Our reasons are varied and inexplicable, but the goal is the same, and leads to a unified community of passionate artists, all of us enamored by the same ideal: The expression of the perfect amorous connection between two men of fiction that intrigue us.

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