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EDIT on 8-20-2013: For a long while now I have noticed and pondered the correlation between creative personalities and depression. I wrote this entry one day when I started out feeling depressed and the things I describe in it helped me to go from depressed to... euphoric. lol XD  I will write more seriously about this issue in the future, for this entry was written when I was feeling rather whimsical and it doesn't sufficiently address each point of 'curative behavior'. Nevertheless, it is a fun read. :)

My own discovery of how to lift low mood and achieve a state of bliss through little effort.

Do all of these things at once:

1) Drink hot tea, your favorite kind  (mine is Jasmine, green)

2) Listen to music that moves and inspires, and overwhelms you. Classical music is great for this. (Rachmaninoff is one of my personal favorites. I have also been deeply affected by the works of Michael Nyman, and Mozart)

3) Gently massage sensitive areas such as the neck and earlobes. Physical, as well as audio and gustation (taste) stimulation combined result in feelings of pleasure.

4) Read something that thrills you, something that manages to be both romantic and funny, or perhaps unique in some other way. Fanfiction, a book of fiction that tickles your fancy, or beautiful poetry.

5) Release the emotions, don't hold them in. Laugh when you have the urge, cry if you feel particularly moved. Accepting the emotional experience heightens it.

EDIT: And open those blinds and let some fresh sunlight in! :)

There are many other ways to increase one's good mood and even activate that state of pure bliss, but I've discovered that these are very effective for me today.

It helps too that I have a purring cat next to me. Soft, silky fur and the rumblings of the purring add to pleasurable tactile sensations. And relaxed, amiable company that doesn't require conversation detracts from the often-distressing state of solitude.

What combination of things do you find intensely pleasurable and effective in dispelling low mood?


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